‘The Help’ Book Review

Domestic helps are the backbone of the American economy. As mothers leave their houses to go build the economy, they entrust their children and their homes to these helps. However, despite the immensely crucial role that they play, the thousands of men and women who raise children, and ensure that homes run smoothly often go uncelebrated. Through The Help, Stockett set out to elevate domestic helps. She recognizes the sacrifices that they make and challenge her readers to join her in celebrating these bold and incredibly generous individuals.  While it is true that The Help addresses the general experiences of […]

‘The Great Alone’ Book Review

The US has gained notoriety for its poor treatment of its veterans. Despite the sacrifice that they make for their countries, many veterans are struggling with mental health problems and poverty. Through her book, The Great Alone, Hannah recognizes the efforts of the brave soldiers who have returned to a country that has forgotten them. Through the experiences of Ernt Allbright, Hannah manages to offer a disturbing, unedited and raw look into the lives of veterans who have served in such conflicts as the Vietnam War.  How veterans struggle to find employment is among the main themes that The Great […]

‘The Silent Patient’ Book Review

The Uneasy Truth of the Silent Patient In the recent past, true crime dramas have become more popular with television shows being created to explore the complexities of domestic disputes, murders, and violence. Michaelides’ The Silent Patient could serve as a rich source of content for creators working to create such dramas. Intense, dynamic, and complex, The Silent Patient provides readers with insights into the processes, events, and forces that push a woman to commit violent murder.  Plot Summary The Silent Patient focuses on the life of Alicia Berenson, a young woman who is believed to have murdered her husband. […]